About Amisha Patel DMD

1358307472_Patel_stand300An experienced dentist with a practice in Fremont, California, Amisha Patel, DMD, promotes the oral health of her patients through preventative and critical care. She performs routine examinations and cleanings for adults and children and evaluates the condition of teeth via digital and traditional X-rays. In addition, Amisha Patel, DMD, offers cosmetic procedures, including dental implants, as well as periodontic treatments such as soft tissue grafts. Her practice also makes available corrective treatments, including braces and restoration.

Amisha Patel, DDS, completed a bachelor of science in biology at the University of California at Los Angeles and later earned a doctor of dental medicine at Boston University. Committed to maintaining current knowledge in the dental field, she also fulfilled the requirements for an advanced education in general dentistry program at the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California. A strong advocate for health and well-being, Amisha Patel also supports the efforts of Kerry’s Kids, a California-based organization that provides medical examination and treatment for children who live in underserved communities.


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